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Easymeals is a meal service that combines quality ingredients and sustainability for balanced, tasty meals, tailored to both individuals and organizations' unique needs.


In today's fast-paced world, many people struggle to find the time and energy to prepare meals that are both nutritious and environmentally responsible.
The challenges of sourcing climate-friendly ingredients and creating a balanced diet often lead to compromised meal choices. This pressing issue served as the catalyst for the exploration of a new solution.
Easymeals is a new kind of meal service designed with the modern user in mind. At its core, Easymeals is all about delivering nutritious, palatable, and climate-impact conscious meals. By coordinating various actors in the food ecosystem around user needs, and adopting an innovative approach to meal composition and production, Easymeals aims to sidestep the traditional challenges associated with meal preparation and delivery. With Easymeals, we aim for a balance between nutrition, taste, and environmental responsibility, offering a solution for today's convenience demands without compromising on quality or sustainability.
The motivation behind Easymeals is two-fold. First, there's an evident need in the market for easily accessible, wholesome meals that align with a sustainable vision for our planet. Secondly, our mission goes beyond just providing meals; we aim to empower individuals and organizations to make climate-friendly food choices without compromising taste or nutritional value. The combination of these factors drives our commitment to be a top provider for sustainable and delicious meals in the nordic region.
Our core process begins by mapping the user's specific needs through surveys and interviews. This gives us a deep understanding of their preferences and life context, allowing us to tailor and adapt the service as best as possible for each individual.
We offer a curated collection of premium-quality meals, ensuring every dish stems from diligently researched producers and distributors. We prioritize organically certified ingredients, ensuring the highest standards of nutrition and sustainability. By aligning ourselves with responsible sources and streamlining the meal preparation process, we ensure our users receive the best without the typical hassles associated with meal planning and preparation.



For an in-depth look at Easymeals, please review the project documentation.


If you're interested to learn more about Easymeals or have inquiries regarding collaboration or partnership, please reach out to [email protected]
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