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Eco5D is a pioneering tool designed to map and analyze human-made social ecosystems across five comprehensive dimensions.
Eco5D - Map Prototype


In the age of information and connectivity, our world has rapidly transformed into a vast web of interrelated systems, where the dynamics of human-made social ecosystems play a pivotal role in the shaping of our societies.
Often, understanding these complex systems has been challenging due to the lack of comprehensive tools that can provide a holistic view. The inability to analyze these ecosystems in their entirety often leads to fragmented decision-making and overlooks the myriad of interconnections that influence outcomes.
The Eco5D framework is a groundbreaking tool created to provide an effecient and interactive way to map and analyze human-made social ecosystems in a detailed and comprehensive manner. The framework is constructed upon five dimensions:
D1 - Landscape: Maps out the broader environment in which the ecosystem operates, including cultural, economic, and social factors.
D2 - Stakeholders: Identifies and analyzes the individuals, groups, or organizations that have an interest in the ecosystem.
D3 - Stocks & Flow: Examines the resources, assets, and their movement within the ecosystem.
D4 - Adaption: Assesses the ecosystem's ability to change and respond to internal or external stimuli.
D5 - Evolution: Evaluates the growth, maturation, and potential future trajectory of the ecosystem.
By delving into each dimension, users of the Eco5D framework can obtain a holistic view of their ecosystem, thereby gaining profound insights.
The need for the Eco5D framework stems from an ever-growing realization that in order to make effective decisions, policymakers, business leaders, and other key decision-makers require a tool that offers both depth and breadth of understanding.
With the intricacies and interconnectedness of today's world, a superficial or fragmented understanding can result in unforeseen consequences, misaligned strategies, or missed opportunities. The Eco5D framework provides a means to navigate the complexities, understand the nuances, and thereby drive informed and strategic decisions.
Eco5D addresses the challenges of understanding human-made social ecosystems by offering a structured and detailed approach. By breaking down ecosystems into five tangible dimensions, it allows users to methodically analyze each component, understand its significance, and see its relation to the whole.
This systematic approach not only identifies potential vulnerabilities, strengths, and opportunities within the ecosystem but also provides actionable insights. Consequently, by utilizing the Eco5D framework, users can formulate strategies that are both holistic and adaptive, ensuring that they are best positioned to respond to the ever-evolving landscape of human-made social ecosystems.


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For an in-depth look at Eco5D, please review the project documentation.


If you're interested to learn more about Eco5D or have inquiries regarding collaboration or partnership, please reach out to [email protected]